Wednesday, July 30, 2008

The Deluge of July 27th

Well, this weekend was a bit of a wash for us, riding-wise. It RAINED. And not a nice, gentle misting, either, but a full-on, gully washing, check your basement every 15 minutes to make sure the washer hasn't bobbed away kind of rain.
The upside is that prior to this, we'd been far too dry, and water was starting to become a logistical issue. Now, the water table is up...both in the well, and the paddocks, and corrals... You get the picture.
Speaking of pictures, the above one is of a pair or our ducks...SWIMMING in the corral we normally use for pony rides. I'm pretty sure they were the only animals thoroughly delighted by the weather. Mickey the Goat and Licorice the Lab kept us company in the tack room, which made for some pretty crowded quarters! And a lot of..."Mickey, get out of the trash!".
While we waited out the storm in the tack room, with the horses snug and dry in the barn, we got a chance to practice our Project Runway skills in crafting some rain-wear out of "found objects" (also known as trash bags). Some artful cutting by Laura, and brave modelling and use by Sam, and the end result was something to behold. (Editor's note: I'm currently accepting bribes to post/not post the photos of Sam's very best, fierce model pose, knee deep in a puddle!)
While we missed the chance to ride, we really did need the rain. Looking ahead to this weekend's forecast, no such torrents are predicted, so come see us and hit the trails! Worst case scenario, we'll take you on a canoe ride!

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