Sunday, August 10, 2008

Mickey and the Self-Serve Window

Some of you may recall how Mickey the Goat, in his early days, liked to be carried from Point A to Point B, pausing underneath particularly flavorful shrubs to be held up while he ate the leaves. Well, time has passed, and Mickey is no longer quite the easy armful that he used to be. He does, however, still adore the taste of leaves of one bush in particular. Since he's now a Fully Liberated Goat, who can come and go as he pleases, he's discovered a convenient way to savor his favorite treat. Not tall enough to reach them while on all fours, he stands up on his back legs, and grazes away.
As anyone who owns goats will tell you...they NEVER let mere inconvenience get in the way of tempting snacks. And when he's bored with the bushes, he's recently taken to heading out to pasture with the horses to graze. It's a pretty impressive size disparity, but he seems, as always, unfazed.

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