Monday, June 30, 2008


Your first welcome to K & K will likely be a four legged one, and chances are good that the first face you'll see will be Licorice, our ridiculously friendly black Lab, and grand hostess of the farm. She's even been known to come along on trail rides, but is equally happy getting belly rubs from anyone available! (Like most Labs, she's pretty free with her affections. It's one of her great charms!) How could you possibly hope to resist those big brown eyes?

Sunday, June 29, 2008


From left to right, Mason, Sydney and Colby get in some quality time with one of our goats! Right now this goat, and his identical twin brother, are about 2 and a half months old. When they were younger (and smaller), we carried them from the barn to under a shade tree where they could graze during the day, and it was one of their favorite tricks to grab branches and eat leaves as they were carried by the bushes. We quickly dubbed this the "Goat Drive-Thru"!

Welcome to K & K!

Well, first and foremost, please bear with me as this blog gets up and running! The hope is to (eventually) have at least a weekly posting on farm events, with lots of photos, stories of escapades that could only happen at K & K, and information for anyone interested in coming to see us. For those who don't know, K & K Equestrian Center is a farm located in the Catskill Mountains of East Durham, NY, with 100 acres of woods, fields and hills. We offer guided trail rides for all skill levels of riders, and pony rides for the younger set. Our experienced guides will lead you through breathtaking scenery, ensuring your comfort and safety every step of the way. In addition to our trail horses and ponies, we have goats, lambs, piglets, chickens, the friendliest Labradors west of the Hudson River, and a new foal, Cody, who defies description in cuteness! So please, come visit us, have a fabulous family experience with enough photo ops to keep grandparents happy for ages, and liven up your vacation or weekend! (Reservations are suggested, so that we can assure we are best able to meet your needs and wishes. Please call 518-966-4829 for reservations and directions.)