Monday, July 7, 2008

Mickey-Species identity crisis?

Mickey the goat appears to have developed a bit of an identity crisis in the past week or so. No longer content with merely the life of a goat, he seems to be following in the pawprints of our farm dogs, and is convinced he has the capacity to be a lap-goat! Everywhere you looked this weekend, Mickey was trailing along behind someone, looking for attention, scratches behind his horns, and on perpetual lookout for handouts. (In case it's of interest, he is especially fond of blueberry bagels, but does NOT like grapes.) And heaven help you if you sat down to eat your lunch; you'd have a goat in your lap so fast, you wouldn't know what hit you! It's a good thing he's pretty little!
So if your life is a little short in the Pushy Goat Affection Department, which I suspect it is, you should really come visit! Mickey's a very sweet little guy who will be happy to fill those gaps!


Christina said...

Jen - This is great. Loved the Mickey identity crisis blurb - so true. Mikaela and Ethan enjoyed it as well.
Thank you - Christina

Sydney shianne said...

Hey Jen Sydney and Shianne and we love the pictures
But there should be more pictures. I forgot to tell you
that Daisy had her baby he is so cute.

Thank You,