Monday, July 14, 2008


For those of you with farming experience, you know full well what a sunny, warm weekend in July means. Hay. Lots and lots of hay. And for those of you who are better prepared for this than I was this weekend, you will know that unloading hay in shorts is highly unadvisable, and renders the poor-planning individual rather battle-scarred by the end of the day!
Anyway, long story short, we had rather large quantities of the stuff to store this weekend, and at one point, Ethan (pictured on the left) called to me that Casper, our cat, was hiding between bales in a very photogenic way. Feeling like an intrepid photographer, I grabbed my camera and wedged myself down in the crevices. Bear in mind that this entailed having my fanny in the air, much to the endless hilarity of all around me! Of course, by the time I was even vaguely in position for the shot, Casper had had more than enough of the commotion, and high tailed it elsewhere, leaving me pretty empty handed. Ethan, however, being a good sport, stuffed himself down into her vacated spot, so all that effort wasn't wasted! While not ideal lighting by any means, I greatly appreciate his willingness to take one for the team!
So, if you pull up to K & K some weekend, and see a pair of legs flailing out of a stack of hay bales, don't be alarmed; feel free to join the rest of the crew in mocking me endlessly...!

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