Monday, August 11, 2008

The Perfect Weekend

I know it's only early August, but this weekend we definitely began to feel an edge of autumn in the air. With temps never breaking 80, we had the kind of weekend where we could hardly believe our luck that our JOB is to ride all weekend!
With the cooler days, and the apple trees on the property covered in fruit, the deer are now out in full force, and I lost track of how many we saw. And up close! On one ride, a young doe stood stock still, not 15 feet away, as we rode by.
At the end of the day, we turn the horses out so that they can graze all night, and I'd been meaning to take a picture of them on the hill for months now. I finally did, and the picture here of Cheyenne relaxing after a long day, with the mountains in the background, should give you a little bit of a feeling of life at K & K at its best.
As summer starts to fade, and we all look ahead towards our fall obligations, we hope you'll take the time to join us for a trail ride...there's just nothing else quite like it.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Mickey and the Self-Serve Window

Some of you may recall how Mickey the Goat, in his early days, liked to be carried from Point A to Point B, pausing underneath particularly flavorful shrubs to be held up while he ate the leaves. Well, time has passed, and Mickey is no longer quite the easy armful that he used to be. He does, however, still adore the taste of leaves of one bush in particular. Since he's now a Fully Liberated Goat, who can come and go as he pleases, he's discovered a convenient way to savor his favorite treat. Not tall enough to reach them while on all fours, he stands up on his back legs, and grazes away.
As anyone who owns goats will tell you...they NEVER let mere inconvenience get in the way of tempting snacks. And when he's bored with the bushes, he's recently taken to heading out to pasture with the horses to graze. It's a pretty impressive size disparity, but he seems, as always, unfazed.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

The Deluge of July 27th

Well, this weekend was a bit of a wash for us, riding-wise. It RAINED. And not a nice, gentle misting, either, but a full-on, gully washing, check your basement every 15 minutes to make sure the washer hasn't bobbed away kind of rain.
The upside is that prior to this, we'd been far too dry, and water was starting to become a logistical issue. Now, the water table is up...both in the well, and the paddocks, and corrals... You get the picture.
Speaking of pictures, the above one is of a pair or our ducks...SWIMMING in the corral we normally use for pony rides. I'm pretty sure they were the only animals thoroughly delighted by the weather. Mickey the Goat and Licorice the Lab kept us company in the tack room, which made for some pretty crowded quarters! And a lot of..."Mickey, get out of the trash!".
While we waited out the storm in the tack room, with the horses snug and dry in the barn, we got a chance to practice our Project Runway skills in crafting some rain-wear out of "found objects" (also known as trash bags). Some artful cutting by Laura, and brave modelling and use by Sam, and the end result was something to behold. (Editor's note: I'm currently accepting bribes to post/not post the photos of Sam's very best, fierce model pose, knee deep in a puddle!)
While we missed the chance to ride, we really did need the rain. Looking ahead to this weekend's forecast, no such torrents are predicted, so come see us and hit the trails! Worst case scenario, we'll take you on a canoe ride!

Monday, July 14, 2008


Darby is one of those horses every ranch needs...calm, level-headed and smooth-gaited. (No jackhammer trot from him, thank you very much. While we haven't yet tested whether you could carry a glass of water on his back without spilling, it's our current working hypothesis!) If you're a novice rider, looking for a horse to look after you on the trail, or a more experienced rider who can appreciate a great temperment, he may be your guy.
When calling to make reservations, (518) 966-4829, feel free to ask if he's available, and we'll do our best to match you up! (Please bear in mind that we carefully match skill levels of riders with our horses, so while we try hard to accomodate special requests, we may not always be able to do so.)

Bunny cuddles

You wouldn't think that if you had a fur coat, and it was 90 degrees out, you'd necessarily seek out another heat-producing critter to snuggle up to, but our bunnies did this weekend. Here are two of them, in casual repose in the shade, breaking all local ordinances for allowable cuteness per square foot.


For those of you with farming experience, you know full well what a sunny, warm weekend in July means. Hay. Lots and lots of hay. And for those of you who are better prepared for this than I was this weekend, you will know that unloading hay in shorts is highly unadvisable, and renders the poor-planning individual rather battle-scarred by the end of the day!
Anyway, long story short, we had rather large quantities of the stuff to store this weekend, and at one point, Ethan (pictured on the left) called to me that Casper, our cat, was hiding between bales in a very photogenic way. Feeling like an intrepid photographer, I grabbed my camera and wedged myself down in the crevices. Bear in mind that this entailed having my fanny in the air, much to the endless hilarity of all around me! Of course, by the time I was even vaguely in position for the shot, Casper had had more than enough of the commotion, and high tailed it elsewhere, leaving me pretty empty handed. Ethan, however, being a good sport, stuffed himself down into her vacated spot, so all that effort wasn't wasted! While not ideal lighting by any means, I greatly appreciate his willingness to take one for the team!
So, if you pull up to K & K some weekend, and see a pair of legs flailing out of a stack of hay bales, don't be alarmed; feel free to join the rest of the crew in mocking me endlessly...!

Never a dull moment...

It was all rather "Make Way for Ducklings" this weekend at K & K, as we seem to be inundated with dozens of baby ducks and chicks, peeping all over the place, and running as fast as their little legs will carry them to keep up with their mothers.
In the continuing saga of Mickey the Goat-Who-Refuses-to-Correctly-Species-Identify, he did spend some quality time this weekend dozing with the lambs, while still blatantly turning his back on his fellow goats. When the novelty of four legged friends wore off, he escaped and recommenced following us all around, bleating sadly until either, a) being picked up and carried somewhere, or b) being given snacks. (And while I am sure I will live to regret this, he has developed a palate for grapes now, and prefers to eat them straight off the vine, while sitting in your lap. But who doesn't? I am firmly drawing the line at peeling them for him, though. It's tough love!)
Somewhere in all of this, there's a new children's book...maybe a hybrid of "Make Way for Ducklings", "The Three Billy Goats Gruff" and "Everybody Poops"....